Bamboo and stick art light by David Ward and Cheng designs

Lighting for Celadon Tea Bar in Berkeley,  Ca, best  Cheng Designs and David Ward

Some of the most gratifying moments as an artist have been my stick art collaborations with talented and generous architect Fu Tung Cheng at Cheng designs. Fu Tung is able and willing to design on the fly. My job as an artist is to take his ideas and make them come to life. The first project we worked on together was lighting for his Tea Bar, Celadon in Berkeley, Ca. His ability to sketch project concepts is so helpful to take me along with his overall vision.

Then I can go home and see what works with the materials I have pulled together to work with. It takes inspiration, and buying into the whole vision for it all to come together in a great way. At the first there is always a feeling that I am not going to be able to do it. Then little by little in spite of my doubt, gracefully it all comes together. I love the scale, subtlety and edge that Fu Tung is able to work with. It is so fun! Things flow and I work as late as it takes until it’s done.

Stick art and paper lantern collaboration Cheng design and David Ward

Tea Bar with Iconic light fixture done by Sticks and Stones designed by Cheng Designs

Dinning light fixture collaboration Cheng Design and David Ward stick art

Stick art project by David Ward for a lighting project in Idaho Cheng Design

2008-09-04 19.54.35

Beautiful House 6 exterior and pool by Cheng Design


Luxe magazine, Cheng design, David Ward stick art

Palo Alto House 6 collaboration with Cheng Designs and David Ward

Our collaborations have included smaller stick lights for over dining tables, a trade show canopy, stick and paper pendant lights, and also a willow fence.




stick art, artist David Ward, Architect Fu Tung Cheng , collaboration

Willow stick art fence design by Cheng Designs, made by David Ward in Mammoth Ca

Fu Tung is always generous in his collaboration giving credit to everyone who participates. His home designs and interiors are covered by magazines and newspapers such as Luxe, Dwell, the San Francisco Chronicle and others. I look forward to more creativity with Cheng Design – whatever challenges it may bring!