Photo of restaurant

Solage resort Sol Bar restaurant in Calistoga Ca. Stick art light fixtures by David Ward Stick art. Interior Design by Shirley Robinson Interior design.

For more than 20 years David Ward, has been making Stick Art, Wall Sculptures, and Organic Lighting. Calling himself a “Stick Artist” he has worked with many nationally known interior designers and architects on hospitality and high-end residential projects. Michael Taylor Designs, Solage Resort, St Regis, Ritz Carlton, and Auberge du Soleil are some of his clients. An art piece or light may start with a simple sketch or drawing or even a verbal idea. He takes that and translates that feeling into a finished design. The stick art lights for Solage resort and Sol Bar started in that way. The designer asked for a large sphere light with a chandelier (see above).



Subtle artwork and Asian designs have always been a guide for David’s artwork. NoguchiTuttle and interior designers such as Michael Taylor are some of his favorite design inspirations. Napa and mountain modern styles go very well with David’s organic, natural clean lines and geometry of his stick artwork and lighting.


Materials & Collaboration

The materials he uses for his stick artwork comes from Washoe tribal lands in Nevada and the Sierra mountain foothills that he harvests himself. There is a depth and feeling that comes through his work that is tangible. The end result is artwork that feels like an integral part of the design.

Photo of condo stick art

Squaw Valley condo stick art project by David Ward. The simple lines of this stick art piece fit into this modern minimal setting. Designer Kris Foss

David is an enthusiastic collaborator willing to do prototypes or sketches. He is a lover of art and design. Feel free to share your vision and ideas with him. Check out his blog and follow along!