Stick art hanging on wall in living room between 2 windows
David Ward stick art in an interior designed By Ohashi Design in Oakland California 

Thank You for contacting David Ward Stick art! I have always enjoyed the artistic relationship to clients and designers and the creative magic that can result from collaboration. For questions or to commission a stick art piece directly from David Ward stick art call
(530) 613-0754
or email


I am glad to discuss ideas for projects and collaborations and do prototypes when necessary with no obligation.


David Ward’s natural artwork is available at Michael Taylor Design showrooms around the country

David Ward lives in Nevada City, California. Loves Spiritual life, yoga, taking care of himself and living lightly on this earth. He has enjoyed driving and having vacations doing artwork in many locations in California and around the country. Delivery and install is available in appropriate and fun locations.

I appreciate your interest in my art work!