Stick art hanging on wall in living room between 2 windows

David Ward stick art in an interior designed By Ohashi Design in Oakland California 

Thank You for contacting David Ward Stick art! I have always enjoyed the artistic relationship to clients and designers and the creative magic that can result from collaboration. For questions or to commission a stick art piece please call (530) 613-0754
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I am glad to discuss ideas for projects and collaborations and do prototypes when necessary with no obligation.


David Ward’s natural artwork is available at Michael Taylor Design showrooms around the country

David Ward lives in Nevada City, California. Loves Spiritual life, yoga, taking care of himself and living lightly on this earth. He has enjoyed driving and having vacations doing artwork in many locations in California and around the country. Delivery and install is available in appropriate and fun locations.

I appreciate your interest in my art work!

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"David Wards delicate assemblages of twigs and branches are the perfect complement to the environments of Cheng Design.
He has a passion and sensitivity for making his art appropriate to the project. Our collaborations have rewarded us, as well as our clients, with wall pieces, light fixtures, and garden elements all done with subtle restraint and quiet exuberance." Fu-Tung Cheng, principal Cheng Design
"I love art in its many expressions! Magically my life has led me to expressing my self through the line and texture of a branch. I enjoy the relationship with the people who are drawn to this art and the process I go through to produce it. This web site is a window into my creativity." David Ward
"I have worked with David on many projects including custom fences, beautiful wall art, rock work for gardens and retaining walls, water features and beautiful furniture — all made of natural materials. I am always amazed at his creativity and the beauty and simplicity of his use of lines, shapes and emptiness. David uses native branches, rocks, hand made papers and other materials to harmonize indoors and out, simplicity and beauty, nature and spirit. It is rare to find an artist of such talent with the sweetness, integrity and ease of being that David provides. It is fun to work with him, and our homes and gardens are complimented by all who see his work. He has my highest recommendation." Satya'Ama Adyota, Spiritual Teacher and Conscious Living Advocate
"David's sensitivity to site and proportion are consistently spot-on and his artistry is inspiring. If you are looking to add a natural element to your interior, I would recommend that you contact David Ward!" Hills & Grant, Interior Design Firm