Wall Art

Many years of trial and error have led to this unique expression of David’s art. Here you can see some of the Stick Art projects he has participated in. Many are custom-made to fit any interior. The natural medium of bendable sticks provides a very unique application for interior spaces because the pieces can be seen through. They also seem to have a meditative impact and calming effect on the viewer.

“As I harvest the Willow, Scotch Broom and other species of branches myself the final product reflects the artistic, beginning to end process that I go through to make them.”

David Ward

Textural, grounded, and organic is how people describe this unique medium. Interior designers and clients often specify the density and flow they want from the final piece differently from more conventional art, where the viewer doesn’t participate in the creative process. David’s Art invites challenge, and new ideas. It is a creative process that works with the space from the beginning.



“I love art in its many expressions! Magically my life has led me to expressing my self through the line and texture of a branch.

I enjoy the relationship with the people who are drawn to this art and the process I go through to produce it. This web site is a window into my creativity.”

David Ward