The Artist

Photo of dining room table and chairs

Collaboration with the talented architect Fu Tung Cheng of Cheng designs and David Ward natural materials artist David Ward from Nevada City, Ca

Natural materials artist David Ward liked to craft things from items found in nature from a very young age . His early creations included tree houses and tables of aspen and a rocking chair crafted from eucalyptus.

Few were surprised when as a teenager David announced he wanted to become a Landscape Architect. After gaining greater knowledge and experience working for nurseries and landscapers,  he started his own landscape construction and design firm in 1996.

More and more David was spending time – both for work and for play – outdoors. His ideas of form and design were being shaped by nature. He was drawn to designers like Noguchi and the Japanese tradition of including rocks, trees, and branches in interior spaces.

During this time, his interest in natural materials such as sticks, branches and bamboo deepened. While trimming trees and bushes, he became more interested in the trimmings. His yard became a giant pile of sticks and branches. Observing the long whips of fruit trees and the interesting patterns of scotch broom bark, he became obsessed with finding ways to attach them together. This exploration ultimately led to truly unique and organic finished pieces.

Photo of magazine article

California Home and Design article featuring Artist David Ward

Now that David was creating beautiful works of art from natural materials, his awareness expanded to this trend in interior design. As his different interests merged into this exciting art form, David was particularly drawn to the design work of Michael Taylor and Ron Mann. A final seed was planted by the artist’s discovery of Charles Arnoldi’s work using branches. David was now well on the way in developing his own designs and techniques.

David has created and delivered hundreds of pieces to showrooms, and private clients around the country and continues to explore this medium with new materials. Along with his own creations, David is available for ideas and to create custom pieces incorporating client needs, ideas and visions. He lives and works in an artistic spiritual community near Nevada City in Northern California.