The Artist

David started his art career by making wall sculptures on his living room floor in sessions late into the night. As a landscape contractor he was drawn to Plum branches he trimmed off each year and what to do with them. He made a cold call to Michael Taylor Design in San Francisco when he had produced enough artwork to show. They bought most of them and decided to make one of them a signature piece for their countrywide showrooms much to David’s surprise. Twenty five years later he still works with MTD.

Davids pieces are included in many projects around the country. High end residential, commercial and hospitality projects are some of the venues that feature his work. St Regis Time shares, Ritz Carleton, Eldred preserve, Stanly Ranch and Solage resort have been some of the name projects he has participated in. Some personal highlights are this project in Palm Desert(first picture), Sol Bar restaurant in Calistoga and The Homestead restaurant in the Catskills. California Home and Design, Aspire, Luxe magazines as well as The Chronicle newspaper have done features.

Each piece from Harvest to completion is a totally unique and one of a kind process.







Where to Find David’s Art

David’s artwork is available at Michael Taylor Design showrooms around the country
You can also see his ongoing process on Instagram and many previous projects on Houzz.

David Ward lives in Nevada City, California. Loves Spiritual life, yoga, taking care of himself and living lightly on this earth. He has enjoyed driving and having vacations doing artwork in many locations in California and around the country. Delivery and install is available in appropriate and fun locations.


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“I have worked with David on many projects including custom fences, beautiful wall art, rock work for gardens and retaining walls, water features and beautiful furniture — all made of natural materials. I am always amazed at his creativity and the beauty and simplicity of his use of lines, shapes and emptiness. David uses native branches, rocks, hand made papers and other materials to harmonize indoors and out, simplicity and beauty, nature and spirit. It is rare to find an artist of such talent with the sweetness, integrity and ease of being that David provides. It is fun to work with him, and our homes and gardens are complimented by all who see his work. He has my highest recommendation.”

Satya’Ama Adyota, Spiritual Teacher and Conscious Living Advocate