Lighting & Lights

Here you can see some examples of David’s custom stick art lighting. Many if not all of these have been collaborations with high-end interior designers for their hospitality, commercial and residential projects. They often come with requests like “I want a rectangular box” or “Make me a large round light, and include paper or other types of shades”. This is the challenge and always rewarding and very exciting!

“How do I do what they want in the most creative and fun way? Natural materials have a mind and spirit of their own. They have to be worked with and through that comes successful design. You be the judge. I love to make them and I hope you find them artful and as spirit-filled as was my intention.”

David Ward


“David’s sensitivity to site and proportion are consistently spot-on and his artistry is inspiring. If you are looking to add a natural element to your interior, I would recommend that you contact David Ward!”

Hills & Grant, Interior Design Firm