I have spent so many years putting my artwork out in the eithers, Seo, blog posting, Instagram you name it.

And then there are times when a designer refers you for a project across the country and you don’t even know them. Brad Krefman in this case recommended his aunt in Wisconsin contact me about art for her remodel. He knew me from his work with Backen and Backen architecture. https://www.backenarch.com/ His design work is beautiful and I look forward to collaborating with him.

She chose to go with this piece for her Stairwell wall.



  Random Colorado project. They found me on Instagram.

A big question is all the effort at putting myself out there paying off or is it serendipity and accidental? I would say both. As an artist doing somewhat non mainstream art is it harder to be seen and found in the pebbles of artists on the beach? I depend on two things;one is that I am being held by whatever power that is in charge and two; putting as much on the wall as possible which makes people eventually see you on this great blank canvas of life.Mostly or totally it is magic. Often when you have a great selection of pieces already made helps people see something in real time and even to see in your studio if they chose to come and see what you have.

  Truckee designer Natalie Zirbel found me from an office visit many years ago.

Three I would say is total magic, someone that has seen you or knows you spreads the word and one day the referred person contacts you out of the blue unexpected or anticipated. Did I say magic?

  A designer who knew my work worked for this designer, Shirley Robinson which set in motion 50 or more projects to date.

My conclusion is its all magic and whatever you do leads you to the next place and person. And it goes on and on….