I love line and shape that makes me wonder and feel the mystery of existence. In the art world it is more rare that artwork has shape and geometry. Most time static square or rectangle shapes with colors are used to create interest.

As I have done stick art over the years I have enjoyed creating pieces that have shape, flow and a natural feeling. This is a piece in designer Allison Alston’s home that takes a pretty boring room and adds texture and interest without blocking off the wall. Part of the wall rather than on top of the wall.

The Japanese Wabi Sabi concept and the stark simplicity of the Asian aesthetic always makes me pause and breath to feel that almost nothing is actually something! A basket, a brush stroke or a branch can have dramatic effect and make you feel at ease and mindful. Imperfect perfection that stops you and makes you look and ponder. A line of a stick on the wall can ground you and make you follow its shape, like a labyrinth that stops you before you start.

This rectangular stick art piece adds color, texture and shadow from the same wine country home.