I received an e mail yesterday from a large art advisory firm Kalisher Art. They are considering me to do a big installation of spheres based on an inspiration of a Polish artist who did a floating bubble grouping. This picture is so inspiring!  I think all art has something of other artists work in it. Like a collective psyche and shared consciousness that is floating in the ethers ready to be tapped into. When I actually do a piece inspired by another artist the end result that I create has a distinctive “me” feeling in it that is very different from the original artwork.

He really captured a soft, sexy, sensual feeling in the shapes he suspended. This assemblage would be in a  ceiling of a residential project in Florida.

I create these stick art sphere lights so I can do them without the light fixture portion. I can make the light spheres slightly out of round and irregular.  I am figuring 30 spheres suspended in a 28 foot space. A challenging project always produces spontaneous and out of the box solutions. As usual glad to have the creative demand for a new way of thinking and feeling my stick art and lighting.