Here is a pictorial view of this project in the Catskills. I submitted the idea of the leaves blowing through the windows on the right as one of 4 or 5 concepts.There were two design companies La Bossierre and Johnson design studio in Atlanta.Once the concept was decided on I made and sent across the country some stick art leaves for them to see and try out. I am not sure actually if they held them up in the space but they might have. I would have! Since I am so perceptual and visual I always think about holding things up in the area they are meant for but I guess they have programs for that to mock them up virtually, go figure!. Then once the scale of the leaves was determined the arrangement needed to be figured out. I didn’t love the cut in half leaves you see in the one drawing because I didn’t think I could make them hold together so we ended up using whole leaves. Nice idea on paper but not when you can’t make it work in real time..When multiple people are participating in a project like this there are many minds adjusting the final placement and at that point you have to trust the people on the ground to make it happen in the best way. I think overall it turned out very well, maybe a few adjustments I would have made but that is always probably the case. Best result it could have been and I was happy..Quite a fun and creative project! Ready for another one like this!

Coincidentally I had another smaller scale opportunity to this very concept for a Shaeffer Mill project in Tahoe not that long after.  Projects often come in bunches. This picture is below at the end



wall decoration using stick art leaves