Life’s accidents and discovering Adi Da

Thinking a lot lately about my life and how one small “accident” or happenstance can change the entire course of one’s life.

Here is the story of one of the main serendipitous moments in my life.

I moved to California from Utah to be with my first love/ girlfriend in San Francisco. When I got to California I found out she had had an affair with her teacher at a new age school she was attending in San Francisco. Everything was so different in California,  people were into all kinds of new age things spiritual teachers, Osho, Muktananda you name it. I was pretty repulsed by the whole thing. I would not be following any teacher or Guru! We broke up after a short emotional time.

         So I was living in California with no friends, no job and living by myself. To add insult to injury I got sick, surprise!

      Staying home with not much to do and emotionally in a slight crisis to say the least. I lived in Mill Valley in a yurt up in the hills which was home at this time. I would drive to the Depot book store and look at all the books and magazines, self help, metaphysical, Grist for the Mill etc ,etc. One day I reached up for a book, Steven Levine if I remember right. While reaching up high I hit the book next to it and it fell down at my feet. I picked it up and put it back and pressed on it so it would stay in place. As I did it sprang back and fell back down once more at my feet! It was like juggling books. There was a woman next to me and she said you should buy that book! I said ha ha uncomfortably and ended up buying it. I took it home and tried to read it before bed one night and could not relate to it or follow it at all. It was a book by Adi Da Samraj the Four Fundamental Questions. It took some days until I cared to pick it up again. This time I read it or I should say it read me all the way through! I was like wow this is so” The Truth” as I had never heard it before. Like the original Truth that explained all of my seeking for happiness and why it had never worked. I was part ecstatic and part mind blown. I was smiling ear to ear. After finishing it I was ready for more! So I bought another book and another and poured over His teaching, Laughing Man magazines, whatever I could find. After the third or forth I saw the address on the book and it was fairly close by where I lived, in Mill Valley so I thought I am going to go and get closer to where He is and check it out in person. His teaching and presence radically changed my whole reality and opened my heart.

This and many moments like this were and are perfectly choreographed for me to bring me to God as I had really always wanted since I could remember.

This radically changed my life. From a pointless life to a Spiritual focused, and Graceful directed life. All of this brought my wife and future Guru to me which gave me my amazing son, and new wife and now grandchild. It was like a Topsy turvy complete 180 degree life change. I ended up with a Guru after all!

He did find me which is what is said in the spiritual traditions. You don’t find Him, He finds you!

If you are reading this maybe He found you too!