Here is my fortuitous chicken coop studio. It is out in the rolling hills above the Yuba River in Grass Valley. Cows are my only neighbors. Plenty of space to store sticks and whatever else to do with my work with natural materials. I took my mother in law and wife there yesterday and realized that it is so big I had only walked half way down the length of it. When I did I said this place is huge!! I love the ability to go there and focus on what I have to do with no distractions. Creativity is free to wander around and find an avenue to dig into. I am spreading outside to cure my sticks and get them ready for a big hospitality project in the Catskills, for a restaurant wall. Also finishing a few lighting projects like at Solage which are hanging in there. For a Martis Camp project for Zirbel architecture and Natalie Zirbel. Super fun! Maybe I will branch out and incorporate metal from the old rustic metal left in there by the previous renter/architect. Who knows!

Natural materials art, hospitality stick art project