I thought I would talk about some of my favorite stick art projects to date. Gracefully some really choice projects have appeared for me to engage with and complete, each one growing on the next one giving legitimacy from the first one to the last. Sol Bar in Calistoga was a good example. My first start was at Michel Taylor design doing the piece pictured below. A designer who was familiar with that piece was working as part of a team on the rebuild and design for Sol Bar restaurant at Solage in Calistoga. I brought a square light fixture as a show and tell to the job site for a designer meeting and as they were wanting a round fixture which I had never done before that made this a challenging endeavor! I experimented and wracked my brain on how to get a light fixture into a stick sphere. Impossible right!?

By accident it became obvious that I had to make two halves and weave them together and include the light fixture as if it was made as one piece. Friends, family and a great light fixture maker were all my sounding boards for how it would come together and be made.The result can be seen below. A mixture of artist angst and a successful and greatly rewarding end product!

Stick art sculpture