The New York Eldred Preserve project

When things come out of the blue and the work finds you that is the best!

I got a random call from a designer from Labossier Design, asking me if I would be interested in a large hotel, restaurant, event center project in the Catskills called The Eldred Preserve …..and I said that sounds amazing,of course!

I began by harvesting Scotch Broom sticks along Hwy 80 on the way to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Foothills. This is an invasive species that people are glad to get rid of. Then drying, sanding and finishing with a no VOC Hemp oil. Then the installation into the frames began.

This was during Covid so the project took a lot more time than was originally planned. Site visits became impossible therefore all of the work was shipped to me to complete and then shipped back. I was under the watchful professional eye of a designer who took me under her wing to make sure my California prices were raised so I didn’t embarrass myself in the East coast expected pricing standards. It called out a higher level of leadership and professionalism which was very fun, instructive and refreshing. Swimming in the deep end in other words. Another design company participated in the whole process was The Johnson Studio These companies are comfortable with all the processes going into a huge project like this which made me totally relaxed and like I can do this. I felt like anything was possible and welcomed new challenges and demands to play a bigger game. Coincidentally another project came along in Colorado right after which was in the same style of panels installed on a wall with multiple rectangles pictured below.

So fun and can’t wait for the next challenging project!

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