Stanly Ranch wall art

This was an opportunity for me to do multiple stick art pieces (34) for a statement project in the wine country at the new Stanly Ranch resort by Auberge. An art rep I have worked with for many years Chandra Cerrito, contacted me to see if I was interested in doing the Stanly Ranch wall art in Napa California. They told me the price per piece and I was to say yes or no. I said yes! The project was to do 3 styles of stick art pieces adding up to 34 pieces total. A finish was chosen, flat, and a standoff was requested as well so the pieces would seem to float off the wall. As usual the finish was a no VOC oil finish.

I love the result, subtle, minimal and textural.Sometimes because so few sicks are used to create the shape I question their worth…but all the time and thought I put into them are a value added all making them what they become on the wall.


As finished pictures are amazingly hard to get these are all I have so far….! I will not give up. Stay tuned

Here is me showing the design team what the different pieces would look like on the wall.

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Wall art atist

  Day of install for stick art shapes