Mountain modern hot spots for my art.

Martis Camp Project with Natalie Zirbel Interior Design

One of the challenges of doing Organic stick art is to find who and where your clients are! Being that I gracefully live near the Lake Tahoe area it has become one of my hot spots. I can get to most places around the lake Tahoe area and surrounding places in one to 1 and a half hours. This makes interior designer and client showings easy with no pressure to sell or waste a long trip. As I have a ski pass at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows the two birds with one stone philosophy becomes very attractive. Meet an interior designer and spend the rest of the day skiing! This is the goal and in practice it has only happened a few times. But I am making plans for more! Mammoth Mountain, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Park City, Utah are very wonderful places to cultivate for my art.

Design by Sanctuary Design and Sophia Cok

Great ski mountains and quaint towns make a visit super attractive and fertile ground for my art and lighting. Mountain Modern is a term that I feel captures a genre that my art fit’s into. Places like Martis Camp, Missoula Montana, Jackson Hole are natural places for Organic artwork as in this beautiful setting in a restaurant in Missoula, Montana. Design by Sanctuary Design and Sophia Cok.

These areas often use rock and reclaimed lumber for their interiors which blend perfectly with my natural materials stick art.

Jackson Hole Wyoming and WRJ design showroom is in the running to carry my art or lighting. Beautiful aesthetic and quality of design. Hope springs eternal!

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To be continued…….