Holding the Line in doing Stick Art

170 Smiley Ct Olympic Valley-print-003-17-Living Room-4200x2800-300dpi

Being a stick artist is challenging although I don’t think I would do anything else given the chance. Holding the Line pretty much sums up the artist life. Great ones are able to stay with it and keep expanding even though life’s response might be saying otherwise.

At these times being able to keep focused, breathe and go in new and different directions with my art can take everything I have.

Here is a new Light_install light I did very experimentally in a very small format. I showed it to a designer and very quickly it expanded into a project. This was Green Couch Design and talented designer Jeff Schlarb of Green Couch. I am now in the process of morphing on it to make it much taller and more abstract and DNA like.

Many times I feel myself reaching to get a project or get desperate about making money. Then I practice falling back into myself and trust that things will work out without me pushing and trying to make things happen. Love the process and haven’t quit my day job yet!