Creating new stick art and being inspired by other’s work

Sometimes my art can become uninspired and by the book. Making money on tried and true options takes over and spontaneous art gets kicked to the curb. As I am writing this I can see I am in the latter mode and needing to consider and strategize on ways to make the process more from the heart. Inspired art can be things I have done before, done in a conscious way or by stepping out and being willing to rely more on intuition. Connecting in this way has to do with breathing and actually feeling into my own heart and feeling Self.

Adi Da Samraj in studio

Adi Da Samraj in His studio

This is the inspired Self where creativity is a side effect. The body relaxes and happiness seems to ooze into my body from all directions. Intuition seems to come from this Divine Ignorance and relaxation of the usual way of being and thinking. This is so much more pleasurable than the usual status quo way of doing anything.




I learned this in a big way from my Guru Adi Da Samraj, who is an amazing artist doing truly epic and transcendental art. His art is not readily understood by the mind. It draws the viewer into a deeper feeling of Ignorance and going beyond the ego.

samraj 2His art can be seen on

Immense,striking and awe inspiring. His art makes me feel where I stop and to see how I can go beyond this self imposed limit on creativity.

tuttle 3Another artist who has inspired me is Richard Tuttle. His art captures the essence of simplicity. It also stops my mind because I say what the heck! This is art?


tuttle 2

tuttle art








Sort of crazy what lengths people will go to do and collect art!¬†Tuttle’s art does stop the analyst inside me and makes me want to capture the simplicity of a line. I love it for that reason alone! Waiting for my big next organic stick art project!