Materials are very important to me! Using materials that are sustainable and not commonly available are what I choose to use. Willow from the Washoe tribe in Nevada, Scotch Broom an invasive species in California and California Hazelnut from the Sacred land where I live all are great materials to do my artwork and lighting. Also proximity is important so as not to produce a lot of green house gases driving around to find them.

Each type of wood has a distinct characteristic, bendability and color.

What type of wood branches and Sticks do you use? I use three types of branches for Stick art and lighting.   Willow is more multicolored, Scotch Broom somewhat striped and more tan and California Hazelnut is a soft creamy chocolate color. Each one can be used at different times and for different wall pieces or lights. Hazelnut bends well for lights and can be finished right away. https://plants.usda.gov/factsheet/pdf/fs_cococ.pdf

What Finish do you use?  I have experimented for many years with finishes. I have used many different finishes from Tung Oil, Polyurethane, Woca oil, Danish wood oil, Camelia oil, Water based Urethane etc etc. All have draw backs and over the years I have settled on a great earth friendly finish called Hemp oil. This can be put on wet wood and dries to a Matte finish with no VOC’s. A total sustainable product that works amazing! http://www.hempshield.net


How long does my piece take to make? That is a good question! Usually depending on the size of the project from 4 to 8 weeks. If you have a timeline let me know and I can usually accommodate that. Some pieces are in stock and can be shipped immediately. 

How do I get my piece? Shipping is available around the US. A shipping quote is based on your address and can be gotten very quickly and is not included in the price of the piece or light. http://www.plyconvanlines.com