Creativity is fleeting and often searched for and not found. Here is a recent way that I came up with to feel into creativity I came across while looking at an Interior Design magazine. I was looking at a project in Japan and the cover of the article had a picture of a Geisha looking mysteriously out a window while walking down a passage way. Her dress, her purse, her gait and gaze all have an artful feel of something you can’t know but can only feel. This inspiration is how I feel creativity can be accessed. That feeling association when you sense or see beauty can put you in that place while creating your art. Sometimes while creating my stick artwork music can also put me in that groove.There seems to be a dream place in your brain that accesses creativity and that sense of the unknown that the rational planned mind can’t go into. Ignorance is that place of the unknown, free form motion without thought, just the intuition that you feel and see that the making is going in a good way. Each small shape in my case leads to another decision or motion. The breath is also part of this process of letting go as the mind into the creative self.