Touching the Body of the Divine Being

Ross Keen, D.O.


Ross Keen is a licensed Osteopathic physician in New Zealand. He is also trained in Naturopathy, kinesiology, Rolfing, acupuncture and numerous forms of massage. He has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since 1992. Ross is 60 years old.

Ross KeenI was first asked to do my form of body work on Adi Da Samraj only six months after I became a devotee, while on retreat on Adi Da's Hermitage Island of Naitauba. This was entirely unexpected, so I was initially somewhat discombobulated and definitely nervous.

I came into the room where Adi Da lay on the massage table, and after bowing before Him, I saw Him looking at me. This was the first time I had been this close to Him, and it was like looking into infinity. At the same time I could sense vast power, wisdom and bottomless compassion, which helped to put me at ease. When I put my hands on Adi Da, I experienced the shocking perception that He had no emotional armoring to His Body at all.  This was unique. I had never felt this before, not even in babies. I knew that He was entirely vulnerable to me, and that tacit knowledge was both surprising and wonderful. He was demonstrating to me Who He was, on the level that I could appreciate.

Over the years that I continued to do the bodywork with Adi Da, it became obvious that He was doing the Work on me using this medium to compassionately serve my practice of devotional resort to Him. He also grew my practice of bodywork in unique ways and took it to places that I could not have imagined, all with hardly a Word Spoken, although He often would use His Divine Humour in dealing with me. At times He would take me to an indefinable “spiritual realm”, where it was obvious I was dealing with a Being completely beyond my comprehension, yet I could intuit that this was the Divine Being, and could feel the unparalleled Gift He was Granting me. Other times, I was just Ross as a separate ego-self, and the stark comparison was painful. But at these times, I did not feel any judgment from Adi Da, just His compassionate Love, and this would simply turn me back to Him.

I feel incomparably Graced to have received such a Gift from Adi Da, and I am most humbly grateful.

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